Green Trees Care Home: 21 Crescent East, Hadley Wood, Barnet, EN4 0EY

KEY principles

Our aim here at Green Trees is to care for our residents in the same way and in the same environment that we would want for our own parents. It is so important that a care home becomes a real home, with all the feelings and emotions that we associate with the word HOME, both for the residents, their families and supporters.

The residents needs and wishes must come first and they must be allowed privacy, dignity, independence, security, choice and fulfilment. We will deliver these commitments in an informal atmosphere, with care and thought at all times. These objectives are the cornerstone of our philosophy and have over the years become imbedded into the way Green Trees operates.

The decision to move into a residential home can often seem daunting, not just to the resident but often to the family. People fear they are moving into an institution where they will have to give up everything that has made them what they are. For this reason, we must care for the whole person and not just their physical needs. We aim to provide a warm, safe and comfortable home to live in with a homely informal atmosphere where their choices matter and the quality of their life is as good as we can make it.

Residents Charter

Additional Information

Our Service User Guide (Residents Handbook), provides all the information required by the "Care Standards Act 2000" and the Care Quality Commission.

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Some of the key points are:

  • The provision of suitable and sufficient information
  • An opportunity to visit the home
  • A full assessment of need carried out prior to admission
  • A full and comprehensive care plan which is reviewed reglularly
  • How to raise concerns or complaints and what to expect if you do
  • Sample contract terms and conditions
  • Staff complement

Privacy Policy

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