Green Trees Care Home: 21 Crescent East, Hadley Wood, Barnet, EN4 0EY


Our fees currently range from £920 a week to £1300 a week and are based purely on the assessed level of care needs.

Fees are reviewed annually, normally on 1st April each year and notification of any change in fees will be notified in writing 28 days in advance of implementation.

Annual Increase of Residential Fees and Enhanced Room Fees

Standard annual increase of 6.5% on the 1st April each year.

This standard annual fee increase under clause 10.5 is intended to cover inflationary and/or other regular and broadly predictable increases in the costs of providing care and other services to our residents. These costs include, but are not limited to, increases in employment and benefits costs for our staff and workers, including agency staff, pension contributions, and the National Living and Minimum Wage.

Additionally, this increase will help cover our general and administrative running costs, including rent, interest costs, rates, maintenance of the home, insurance, equipment, medical supplies, food, electricity, heating, and other utilities.

Fees may also be reviewed at other times where there has been a significant change in care needs, as assessed by qualified staff. We will consult with you or your representatives and involve you, or them at all times, before any final decisions are reached.


Details of what is included in our fees are clearly set out under CARE & FACILITIES. The first 4 weeks of admission to the home are treated as a Trial Period. During this period, either of us may terminate the agreement by giving the other seven days notice in writing.

We may terminate the agreement during this period if it becomes clear that we can not provide the level of care that your needs require.

Any fees paid for any period beyond the expiry of the notice period will be refunded. You may terminate this agreement by giving us 28 days notice, in writing, at any time.

We may terminate the agreement if at any time after the trial period, your care needs deteriorate to such an extent that we are unable to meet these needs. In this case we will use our best endeavours to ensure that we do everything that we can to help you find the correct placement for your needs.

In accordance with the CMA recommendation on bereavement, our agreement includes a minimum period of 3 days up to a maximum period of 10 days for the bereaved effects to be collected and fees will be payable until the room is made available.

Our insurance policy provides cover for residents personal belongings up to a maximum of £500

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