Green Trees Care Home: 21 Crescent East, Hadley Wood, Barnet, EN4 0EY


At Green trees, we believe that despite advancing age, looking good makes you feel good.

Our Health and Beauty package can be arranged at a cost of £75 per month and includes the following:

  • Hairdressing every two weeks
  • Manicurist visits every two weeks
  • Chiropody every five weeks

Spiritual comfort is provided, weekly or monthly by visits from two local churches.


It is a recognised fact, supported by the Alzheimers Society and Age UK among other organisations that music has been shown as helping to boost brain activity, raise mood and assist recall, and can have a dramatic effect on people suffering from dementia.

In view of this a number of our activities are geared around music.

  • Singing Entertainment one afternoon each week
  • 6-8 Musical shows a year
  • Summer & Christmas Parties
  • Christmas Panto
  • Musical Films on DVDs
  • Visit from local Nursery Children fortnightly during term time

We also have Pet Therapy approximately 4 times a year which most residents seem to enjoy. We organise a number of other activities that are more individual and person centered ie Bingo, Cards, Jigsaws, Pizza Evenings, Reminiscing,other activities as required.

Download sample activities